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Asset Management

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Know & Control what you Own.

Asset Management Software helps business owners to effectively monitor, manage and control their IT infrastructure.

In today’s world technology changes are very rapid and IT requirements of an organization keep on changing. In this scenario, AMS gives following information at one place and facilitates management to take right and error-free decisions in procuring new hardware/software or in upgrading the existing infrastructure.

Features of Asset Management Software (AMS):
  • Hardware Information:
    AMS will collect the hardware configuration like Motherboard, CPU, Ram, Hard Disk etc. which will help in tracking the hardware inventory of the organization

  • Software Information:
    AMS will collect all the software installed on the PC

  • Resource Usage Identification:
    Identify PCs that are idle (Switched on but not used). PCs that are not turned off or not turned on during the day. This can save lot of electricity cost if handled effectively

  • Monitor Employees:
    AMS will allow management to view/control any PC in the network and monitor what user is doing

  • Data Leak Prevention:
    Management can enable/Disable USB or removable storage devices which will help in protecting against data theft

  • Reports:
    AMS will give reports like Network Traffic Details, Printer Activity, Software license management etc

  • Disallowing unnecessary softwares:
    AMS can disable use of Games, Audio/Video Players etc and hence increases the employee productivity



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