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RCPL Support team is real good. I would always work with them.

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Don’t Throw Your Old Computers you can use it.

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Support Team

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RCPL employees operate as a team. Team members are empowered to make decisions to benefit our customers. We are professionals who provide value to customers by applying our training, skills and experience for the customers' benefit.

RCPL team members implement information technology systems that are highly functional, dependable, and efficient.

Our support team comprises seven well-trained customer support engineers to tackle any kind of computer problems.

Staff Review and Training

We conduct staff review meetings and training sessions on regular intervals to keep our team well informed about all latest technologies and developments.

Every week on Saturday morning we conduct staff review and training. In this meeting RCPL’s senior technical staff including all team members discuss about the issues which were arised during the week.

They also review if there are recurring problems coming up at a particular client and discuss the techniques to resolve that issues permanently.

During the week our senior technical people monitor the Customer Support Engineers and find out if they are weak in any particular technology. They conduct staff training on Saturday to overcome such weakness of the engineers. We also conduct regular training to train our engineers for new technologies.




Prevent Data Loss
What will happen If you loose all Your data?

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Monitor what your employees are doing on their computer.

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