We provide live remote support for any problems
  • Virus & Malware
  • Email & Printers
  • Software Installation
  • PC Tune up & more
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RCPL Support team is real good. I would always work with them.

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Thin Client
Don’t Throw Your Old Computers you can use it.

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Remote support

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Our tech support will immediately connect remotely to your PC You sit back and relax while our tech engineer resolves the issue

Get Your PC Fixed in minutes……Not ..Hours or.... Days
Instant Remote Support for all your PCs issues

You can now get your PC fixed through remote computer support. Through screen-sharing technology, we connect with your PC and can rectify issues in a quick span of time. You can see us working on your computer without our support executive being physically present at your home or office.

Our PC specialists can repair your computer instantly through e-mail, phone, chat or online support. Whichever mode you choose.

Issues that we support remotely:
  • PC Tunning
  • Installation of Software
  • Printer Support
  • Internet Setup and Diagnostic
  • Network Setup / Support
  • Wireless Network Support
  • All Windows OS Related Issues
  • PC Security Setup and Support
  • Virus, Adware and Spyware Removal
  • Email Configuration
  • Backup Service




Prevent Data Loss
What will happen If you loose all Your data?

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Monitor Employees
Monitor what your employees are doing on their computer.

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Remote Support
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